Kaas ancestors, ascending line in the Kaas family

Matolcsy Kati (daughter of Matolcsy Tamás, his CV may be found under the menu point “Biography”) living in New York in the years of 1980 had a Danish origin friend. Once Kati mentioned that the Matolcsy family has also certain Danish relations, her great-grand mother was Kaas Melanie, the descendent of a noble Danish family. The friend, when next time visiting her relatives in Denmark, went to an archive and set up a family tree about the Kaas-es. This family tree proved that this noble family could trace back to the 14th century. Friherre (Danish noble rank, similar to the baron) Johannes Iver Kaas (1644- 1737) was the ancestor of the Hungarian branch of the Kaas family. He had an affair in Copenhagen in 1671. In the Lehns wine-house (pub?) he deadly wounded Ove Rosencrantz and he had to flee by foot and went to Cologne into the military service.

25 years after this information – absolutely unexpectedly – Henning Elkjear Kaas from Denmark called on Matolcsy Miklós by e-mail (Miklós is the bailiff of the Family Cemetery in 2009)  to build up a connection and asking information about the Hungarian branch of the Kaas family. Matolcsy Gábor (Miklós bother)  took over the connection, because he was much more involved in the research of family trees and family history. One of the result of this correspondence was the Danish version of the Kaas family tree. The two lists – Matolcsy Kati’s and Gábor’s lists – are very close to each other, but there are a few differences as well. Based on these to lists the Kaas ancestors are shown below, but   concentrating strictly to the direct line of the ancestors. The two persons in the frame are lying in the central tomb of the family cemetery in Farmos

Friherre Kaas, Clemens Eduard (1812 Bückeburg – 1885 Farmos)
Ivánka Ida (1813 Szemeréd – 1891 Budapest)

Clemens August Friherre Kaas (1758 Norwalde – 1832 Bückeburg)
Magdelene Elisabeth Habich (1779-1962

Clemens August Friherre Kaas (1758 Norwalde – 1832 Bückeburg)
Magdalena Elisabeth Habich (1779 -1862)

Augustus Marie Johannes Friherre Kaas (1729 Köln – 1803 Norwalde)
Bernhardine Maria Violenta, Baroness von Preysing

Wilhelm Friederick Wolfgang Friherre Kaas (1690 Köln – 1769 Köln)
Maria Dorothea Agnes von Borchers (1691 -    )

Johanes Iver Friherre Kaas (1644 Maffensdiek Castle – 1737 Köln)
Franciska Marie Catherine von Viermondt

Jorgen Kaas of Hindumgaard (1617 Ulstrup Manor – 1698)
Annie Marie Franzdatter de Wetter

Iver Kaas of Ulstrup (1586 Ulstrup – 1662 Ulstrup)
Sophie Morgensdatter Krag

Herman Kaas of Skovsgaard (1530 – 1614)
Birthe Nielsdatter Kaas

Erick Kaas of Gjelskov (   -1556)
Anne Emikesdatter

Mogens Thomesen of Damsgaard and Kaas (    - 1521)
1. Gertrud Nielsdatter Kaas
2. Eline Pedersdatter Friis of Haroldskjear

Thomas Jensen (1457 -1511)
1. N.N. Jensdatter Kaas
2. Kirsten Morgensdatter Glob of Damsgaard

Lange Jens Ovesen (   - 1466)
Gertrud Svendsdetter

Ove Ovesen

Ove Jensen (élt 1350 körül)

Johannes Rewentlow (1300- 1336 Holstein, Németalföld)

It is interesting to mention that the ancient Danish noble Kaas family is originated from an old German family: Johannes Rewentlow had three sons, one of these sons founded the Danish Kaas branch, the descendants of which are still living at Funen in Denmark. Three Coast of Arms are shown below

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