The tomb of Clemens August Kaas in Bückeburg

Once, when Magyar Jutka (her mother is Matolcsy Eszter, grand-grand daughter of baron Kaas Melanie married by Matolcsy Károly) visited the family cemetery in Farmos, her German husband, Klaus looking at the central grave of the cemetery took note that Clemens Eduard Kaas was born in Bückeburg, (Germany) where one of his good friends is living. In  2009 Jutka and Klaus visited this friend in Bückeburg, which is a small, but historical, old city, west from Hannover (~ 60 km) They took a tour in the old castle of the count Schaumberg-Lippe family, and during this walk they asked the tourist guide whether he knew anything about the Kaas family. The guide told them an interesting story. Clemens August Kaas (the father of Eduard) was the lover of the young and pretty wife of the old, very rich count Schaumberg-Lippe. (He was a high ranking administrator for the count’s estate). When the old count died, he married the young widow and got two sons from her. One of this sons migrated to Peru where he became a famous general of the army. The other son lived in south Germany where descendants may be still found. After the sudden death of his wife August Kaas married baroness von Reischach with whom he got seven children, one of them was C. Eduard Kaas lying now in the family cemetery of Farmos.

Jutka and Klaus asked the guide, whether the graves of the Kaas family could be found somewhere in the city cemetery. They were told that the tomb of C. August Kaas is the forest of the Schaumberg-Lippe estate (August was a great hunter) and they were taken to this tomb by car. On the last part of the way (2 km) they had to walk, because there was no rood for the car. They found the tomb in a clearing of the forest.

Engraving:  Clemens August von Kaas  
F.L. L. Oberforstmeister
geboren zu Herzhaus bei Münster 28 Dezember 1759 gestorben   31 März 1832

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